Small Business Coaching

Lessons to help you become an expert coach quickly

Lesson one:

Be very choosy with clients.

You want to choose clients that ready to take action, that are motivated to get results, and that you can help.

Here’s the thing, getting the wrong clients your practice will drain you– It will pull you down. What you need are clients who are ready to take action.

For example, if you get entrepreneurs who tell you they’re ready to implement the strategies you provide within the next hour or two after you finish the session, that’s someone who is going to get results. Those type of clients really motivate you personally and can get you fired up about your coaching practice. This often makes business a lot of fun as a bonus.

You want vet incoming prospects before you let them into your coaching practice. Meaning, change your motivation, instead of you trying to pick up clients – You being desperate to get clients – you still need to be very choosy – even if it’s your first few clients you’re getting.

All prospective coaching clients must qualify, to make sure they fit into your program.

By changing your mindset and your mental paradigm, you will start finding the right kinds of clients for your business.

Lesson two:

You have to limit the number of clients you work with.

There are at least two reasons for this. One being that you need to be very energetic and give your very best effort and attention to each client. If you get too many clients you simply wear yourself out and cannot give your best to each – which can also lead to burnout.

This also means your prices need to be set accordingly. For instance I only deal with 20 clients one on one clients at the very most.

The other advantage of setting up a low number of clients who work with is that it sets up scarcity. Since you’re a scarce resource there’s only a limited number clients that can work with you – which again helps you with your qualification process of only working with the ideal client for you and your practice.

If you want to set up a group type program, one of the best ways to set up a group program is to do 4 to 8 week fast action programs.

4 to 8 weeks seems to be a good time frame, as working for longer time frames like 12 to 16 weeks seems to produce a big drop off and productivity after eight weeks. So you really need to think about what you can help people get accomplished in a relatively short about time with massive action.

If you combine one on one clients, and group programs, you’ll have multiple different streams of income in your coaching practice.


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